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The Original Brique (Single)
  • The Original Brique (Single)


    Colossal slice of our Brioche French Toast served with our signature syrup, toasted coconut chips and fresh vanilla bean whipped cream.


    • Each toast measures 5″ × 5″ × 3″ and weighs 9 oz.
    • Signature Peanut Butter Coconut Maple Syrup (each 2 oz.)
    • Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream (each 2 oz.)
    • Toasted Coconut Chips (each 2 oz.)


    Briques ordered online are made fresh daily and available for in-store pickup only. No pre-orders needed.


    We ship nationwide with Goldbelly!

    • Allergy Information

      Contains nuts, dairy and wheat

      Peanut allergen substitute: Citrus Maple Syrup

    • Heating Instructions

      Brique French Toast:

      Conventional/Convection Oven /  Air Fryer / Toaster Oven Microwave
      Preheat at 350°F and bake for 5-7 minutes

      From Room Temp: 10-15 seconds on HIGH


      From Chilled: 45-55 seconds on HIGH


      Briquid Gold Syrup:

      Microwave Water Method
      20 seconds on HIGH. Stir and serve.

      Place syrup cup in a shallow amount of warm water for 3 minutes. Stir and serve.


      Brique Whipped Cream:

      It is not recommended to be heated. Serve cold or at cool room temperature.

    • Shipping Information

      We Ship Nationwide with Goldbelly!

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